‘We Only Have Time For Nigerian Guys’ – Kenyan Ladies Fight Kenyan Men

An interesting video recently hit social media of some hot Kenyan ladies refusing their country men of company revealing their attention can only be gotten by foreigners. In their words: “Nigerians, Ghanaians”

We don’t know the full story but the little information we’ve gathered is that these ladies were in a war of words at a Kenyan bar. They made their intentions known that they don’t do Kenyan Men but Nigerian men, Ghanaian men and other foreigners…

Many have raised their voice to speak against the act on social media saying the said ladies discriminate against their fellow citizens, while some say they don’t mean it as it was probably a defense mechanism to win the fight they were involved in.
Some people also believe they maybe sex workers..

Trust Nigerians, they have gone on social media to praise these women for loving them saying these women love them because they are the cutest, strongest, perform best in bed, and take care of women more than other African men.

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